Intermediary solutions as individual as your clients

At Clydesdale Bank we provide products to suit a range of clients, including contractors, the self-employed, employed and FTBs – many of these products have no lender arrangement fee.

Our underwriters adopt a flexible, tailored approach and consider individual circumstances, not just a credit score.

Recent enhancements to our proposition include:

  • Affordability calculator for both Residential and Buy to Let enquiries on our website.

  • Non-standard income: We’ll discuss non-standard income streams and more complex income structures to see if we can find a way to assist your clients.

  • Self-employed: To calculate income, we use net profit before tax (and in the case of a Ltd. company, add the director’s remuneration), averaged over a two year period or we use the latest year if this is lower than the previous year.

  • Contractors: Where criteria is met, we will work from the contract rate and gross up by 46 weeks.

  • Credit history: As we assess cases individually, we will consider justifiable isolated credit failures as part of the overall profile to see if we can assist.

  • We adopt a flexible approach for FTBs who may have limited credit history.

  • Newly Qualified Professional Products – up to 5.5x income/95% LTV to £600k. Subject to affordability assessment. Additional eligibility criteria applies.

  • Joint Borrower Sole Owner

  • Direct underwriter access for loans of £1m or more