Platinum Sponsors

On this page you will find your exhibitor checklist and platinum lounge information. Please take note of the deadline dates for the completed information. This checklist is in addition to your registration. Please register members of your team here.

  • Vector logo (CMYK) for our lounge banner should be submitted to by February 15th.

  • The Exhibitor Checklist should be submitted by March 8th. Click here for the Exhibitor Timetable.

  • The Platinum Lounge guest list submitted by April 26th.

If you are using Exhibitin to deliver your stand, please put their information as the set up contact. Exhibitin are given access to the loading bay at 8am on May 22nd due to the sheer number of stands they deliver.


Please complete the checklist below.

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Platinum Lounge

Key Information

The Transformation Platinum Lounge will be located on the mezzanine over lunch. This is in addition to your stand space so it’s important that you consider which staff would be best suited to remain with the stand in the exhibition hall.


The Set Up

The lounge is an exclusive networking space. Featuring dedicated refreshments and food, it’s the perfect opportunity for an informal meet and greet with the guest list detailed below.

The Guest List

  • All shortlisted adviser and business owners

  • Investors

  • Key Individuals and new business

  • 5 optional spaces per Platinum sponsor

Your Guest List

Each Platinum Sponsor has 5 optional spaces. You will be responsible for emailing each individual and confirming their attendance. Details of any confirmed guests need to be with by April 26th to ensure they are assigned a wristband.